Building Community Through Art & Culture

You are passionate about making Cabot’s spaces inviting to the community. CFAC is the organization dedicated to transforming public places into gathering spots.

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Firehouse Film Festival

Cabot’s Art Scene is Fragile

Without persistant advocacy the progress that's been made will crumble. CFAC turns your donations into action that keeps pushing Cabot forward.

Make your giving dollars work for the community by donating to CFAC. We are dedicated to:
Cabot Art Walk

We Understand You Want Your Community to Thrive.

Communities with strong art sectors are strong.  Which is why we’ve spent the last 18 months advocating for art in Cabot.

  • – CFAC was invited to sit on the Mayor’s Cabot2025 Task Force
  • – CFAC Coordinated Creation of the Cabot Art Walk
  • – CFAC Collaborated with 1000+ citizens for Placemaking Vision


Cabot as a Destination

Without persistance, the art progress in Cabot will fail. CFAC is ready to advocate for and push the art scene forward. Your donation will make Cabot a community you're proud to show off to friends and family.

At CFAC we know that you want to be a connected citizen. In order to do that, you need a sense of community. The problem is Cabot lacks gathering places, which makes you feel isolated. We believe art builds community. We understand the importance of art to a commuity, which is why we have spent the past year turning dollars into action. Here's how we do it:
* Talk to Citizens
* Make a Plan
* Expand the Cabot Arts Scene
So Donate Now. And in the meantime, download this FREE pdf Guide to the Cabot Artwalk. Stop feeling stuck in the past and instead celebrate art in Cabot.